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After completing a six year part time BA (Hons.) degree in Glass and Ceramics, and being awarded a First Class Honours, Shirley has continued to develop her work along the theme of ‘personal journey’.

Shirley has exhibited localy and been selected again for the British Glass Biennale in 2012.
Her previous highlights from 2004 include:-
  • Attended the Build-werk workshops in Frauenau [Germany] in 2004.
  • Been selected to exhibit at the 2006 British Glass Biennale [International Festival of Glass] in Stourbridge.
  • Won a scholarship to Pilchuck Glass School [Seattle USA] in 2007.
  • Been published in ‘Contemporary Glass’ from Black Dog Publishing in 2007.
  • Exhibited at ‘New Designers’ in London 2009.
  • Whilst still exhibiting in many local and national events.
Loss and Memory: A Personal Journey

Shirley has used her art as a personal narrative and metaphor and has chosen glass as a suitable medium to express vulnerability, fragility and mortality. The work demonstrates a history and passing of time. Human activity is present, yet ambiguous and goes beyond its materiality to express both symbolism and the narrative. It is left to the viewer to interpret and it is her aim to touch upon spheres beyond its physical and aesthetic qualities.

Shirley’s work symbolises her journey.

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